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- About Us -

Sister's Spell is a black owned business and we are all about sisterhood while living a natural life style and being in touch with one's inner self. Soon we will be able to provide all of the womanly needs like bath soaps, jewelry, candles, incenses, tea and more. All which can have a special effect on you or the next person. We really try to encourage living with happiness and all of that starts with a healthy mind, body and spirit. It's surprising how much a person's environment can influence one's health

Fall is officially here and the holidays are not too far behind. The bright colored leaves falling to the ground, yummy warm desserts, family time, and much more just brings joy to my heart. How could you not like this time of the year?!

Fall Collection

Sister's Spell has decided to bring "Fall" right into your homes with some delicious smelling soy candles. NEW FALL SCENTS: Black Currant Absinthe, Cinnamon & Vanilla, Apples and Maple Bourbon, and Pumpkin Soufflé!

We also started making most of our candles with Clean Scents from CandleScience! "CandleScience Clean Scents™ are free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance." - CandleScience

*Candles with a checkmark (✔) are "Clean Scents".

New Intention Candles

Soon there will be a new candle collection made 100% soy wax called "Intentions". These colored candles will be made with herbs, real genuine crystals & stones, pure intentions, and certain scents for aromatherapy use as well.

"Intention candles are used to manifest wishes and desires. They are a way to bring your dream life into reality. It's all rather simple. When you light it, it illuminates your intentions, and when you meditate on it, it releases a message and sends your energy out into the universe." - necessite.co

"I am so proud of Sister's Spell. They went beyond my expectiations and I love my new bracelets. They came packaged in a cute white box with cotton for protection but I REALLY like how I recieved candles, tea and soap samples as gifts. I definetly will be coming back!"

- Cindy M. -

"I really like how my order had a Thank You note. It made me feel appeciated. I will be coming back and I'm excited to see the store grow."

- Naomi J. -

"The only soap that I use on my face."

Marina G.

"My daughter and I love the specialty soaps! Our skin is radiant after using just a few times."

Lisa R.